Box Digital Media Signs Media Sales Contract with Asian Integrated Media

HONG KONG, 01 March 2018 – Asian Integrated Media (AIM) has been appointed by Box Digital Media to roll out its disruptive, immersive and interactive digital magazine platform in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

This appointment is an important digital addition to AIM’s luxury and lifestyle media portfolio and presents great opportunities not only to the strong base of existing advertising clients but also for AIM’s print media partners who are looking for a unique digital publishing solution.

The formal partnership is effective March 1st, 2018.


About Box Digital Media:

Box Magazine print publishing was created in 2003 as a luxury lifestyle magazine. Targeting affluent and discerning consumers with a preference for premium lifestyle products but also a strong sense of social and ethical responsibility, the unique concept resulted in the venture growing from a humble 24 pages to the 240-page full colour glossy success that is Box Magazine today.

Box Magazine after 12 years and 47 publications, featuring the likes of Scarlett Johannsen, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba to name a few, and working with some of the world’s leading luxury brands, has earned its rightful place in the luxury publishing market and is now expanding through its state-of-the-art digital platform.

John Iliopoulos, Australian based entrepreneur, has spearheaded delivery of this exciting new platform, which is arguably the world’s most interactive and user- friendly digital magazine.

E-MERSION, by the Box Digital Media division, is a unique and pioneering technology that fully immerses consumers across a brand’s ecosystem. Delivering ‘always on content’, in real time, E-MERSION is designed and built for multi-sensory engagement on each and every page across digital magazine platforms.

Creating vast, new real-time revenue channels for advertisers while delivering always on and immersive content that engages consumers through tailored entertainment, education, inspiration and the ability to immediately transact, securely, when, where and how the customer chooses.

Whether it’s delivering a fully immersive and switched on digital magazine in-flight air travel with products that are delivered to your door, opening the door to a limitless world of entertainment and content beyond traditional magazines, CRM programs and in-flight channels, or partnering real time with like-minded brands, E-MERSION will revolutionise how consumers interact with brands in the digital publishing space.

All backed by a comprehensive analytics platform, empowering client partners and advertisers to monitor and measure the effectiveness of individual advertising, content placement and distribution within the brand’s complete ecosystem.

In summary, E-MERSION offers:
– Fully interactive and immersive technology
– Page isolated content
– Page isolated advertising
– A powerful, yet easy to use platform
– Video and audio capabilities throughout
– Compatible with all IOS and Android mobile devices
– Tailored branded apps for partner brands
– Seamless connectivity to social media
– Secure, real-time transaction
– Purchases recognised across multiple devices
– Detailed monitoring of content and publication performance


Asian Integrated Media is Asia’s pre-eminent media sales partner representing premium media titles and digital platforms across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.



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