Chinese Consumers Continue to Indulge

Chinese Consumers Continue to Indulge

According to Bain & Company’s 2015 China Luxury Market Study released recently, mainland Chinese consumers continued to indulge themselves with luxury purchases, accelerating their purchases abroad.

Overseas spending by Chinese consumers is on the rise. Bain reports that consumers traveling overseas accounted for 55 percent of luxury spending last year, and that purchases through relatives, friends, and professional agents called daigou made up another 15 percent.

Most of China’s luxury spending happens outside of China. Bain & Company estimates 31% of global luxury sales in 2015 were by Chinese consumers and 80 percent of their purchases were made overseas. That’s a clear reflection of the number one leisure activity for China’s “super wealthy”.

The biggest consumers in the world are still the Chinese and they still buy luxury good products and with millions more Chinese recently entering the ranks of the wealthy and beginning to discover the luxe life, this trend is set to continue.

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